Stock Options Picks 1 Year Alerts

Stock Options Picks 1 Year Alerts

Hello Premium Stock Options Picks Alerts PLUS Members,

Congratulations to all of our members who took advantage
of Stock Options Weekly and Earnings Picks Premium Alerts PLUS.
For those members who didn't take action, there is always more winning stocks coming!
Remember to trade smart and don't get greedy.
Take profits when you can.
Happy Trading!

The #1 request  is to learn how to make


We find low-priced stock options that have huge potential.

So if you want the excitement and profits that come from investing in stock options



Today, I'd like to share some great news with you:

You CAN profit from stock options selling for ridiculously cheap prices—stock options that go from $1 to $10...or $2 to $20...or even $10 to over $100—again and again.
Even if you have only a few hundred dollars for your first investment,


We like to show you how to become a master at investing in low-priced stock options.



Low-priced stock options can be fantastically profitable...if you choose them wisely.

In one investment, you get:

Huge profit potential—doubles are common, 5 baggers still possible and 10 baggers absolutely within your reach
Small outlay for big returns—100 shares of stock in some of the very best small stock options can cost as little as $100, and usually no more than $1,000
Diversification among a number of quality names—low initial prices at buy-in mean you can spread your bets around and lower your risk
A real information edge— handful of analysts covering them...

  We pick the very best stocks in each of three categories to increase our chances of winning big:
We are on a quest to find "The Next Apple" 

 Turnaround stories— great stocks that have the potential to rise again

GameBreakers are small stock

OPTIONS  with the very real chance to completely change the landscape of an industry.


 Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do, starting today.

Stock options grew their shareholders' wealth by as much as 4000%!

The key, of course, is getting in early and then making a legacy fortune by holding on as the street discovers what you knew first.

Stocks  fallen angels, but with a strong probability that they will rebound.

They've fallen because a critical weakness has crippled their business model.

We invest only when research tells me that flaw has been fixed. and, we can pocket strong and reliable returns.

Stealth Stocks are usually names unknown to the general public because of their small size.

These companies are some of our favorites.

They can be hugely profitable investments

when investors catch onto the real story they've been ignoring.

In fact, investors often rush to get in on the action when they realize the powerful catalysts at play.

That can boost the stock's share price in a dramatic way.


Now, not all the stocks we recommend will explode higher the moment you buy them.

But enough will rise steadily and relentlessly enough to more than outweigh the few recommendations that don't work out.

How can we be so confident?

Because years of analysis go into each recommendation.

We discover the truth about each company through every information source we can find:

Company's financials, SEC documents, strategic plans, growth projections and every scrap of information We can find.
Follow the latest news on Company's  management, financial executives and major shareholders to understand their motivations and competence.
We even talk to our fellow analysts—even  they can give me important insights about the competition and industry trends.

It's all part of our process to give us the greatest odds of success 




"I tried all of the services...I loveStock Options Picks ." —Billy H.
"I am a subscriber to Stocks Options Picks , and have been since it started. NFLX will always be my favorite as the research has been excellent." —Bruce G.
"Really great call on NFLX... Hats off to you!" —George C.
"So far, I have been very pleased with the results of this portfolio. Thanks again for all you do!" —Jen C.
"I would first like to thank you for not only making me money, but for teaching me to be a better investor." —Terry L.
"Just quick note to say thank you for having GMCR in your portfolio. I own it and just read the news about the buyout offer!" —Bob S.



We provide specific buying and selling instructions,

The key of Stocks Options Picks is the timely email alerts we send you whenever 

stock  news impacts our current recommendation.

You need to do nothing more than follow these alerts to get the full benefit of our research and experience.


Stocks Options Picks  will maximize your gains and keep risk to an absolute minimum.

Let's make some money!

Happy Successful Investing,

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